Tom Scott, -75kg USA Karate and Pan American Champion, Plano, TX

Thank you Champions Karate Academy for having me !

This is a world class facility with an Excellent support staff.

The sky is the limit to what you can achieve !

Hope I can come back !

Surya Janakiraman, Mc Kinney, Texas

Many people have asked me the same question repeatedly many times during the past six years: "Why do you drive all the way from McKinney to Irving (80 miles roundtrip) for a Karate class? You have so many Karate training centers closer to home". I have been driving 80 miles roundtrip, often twice a week during the past six years so that my children can be part of the Champions Karate family.

My usual answer to this question is "Well, it is true that there are dozens of Karate classes that we can go to within a five mile radius but they are not the same as Champion Karate Academy, none of them has Shihan Senthil and Sensei Pon as the trainers".

My children have greatly benefited from the truly nourishing environment in Champions Karate and excellent guidance from world class Karate masters such as Shihan Senthil Thyagarajan. Shihan Senthil and Sensei Pon are truly committed to their cause and make sure that every child enrolled in Championship Karate Academy gets the utmost attention and excellent instruction.

I would highly recommend Champions Karate Academy for your children.

Rama & Satya Narayanan, Irving TX

My son joined CKA as a 4 year old in 2010. Since he was very young (and a soft kid by nature) my husband and I were a bit apprehensive about how things would turn out. Obviously we did not know what the chief-instructors - Shihan Sen and Shihan Pon - were capable of. We were in for a surprise !!!

After few weeks, we could clearly see some positive changes in my son and he was in fact looking forward to attending karate classes. That quick change in our son was testimony to the capabilities of the coaching staff at CKA. If it was the tender approach of Shihan Pon that helped my son easily grasp the techniques initially, then it was Shihan Sen's discipline and toughness that polished my son's ability to perform stronger Katas. Under the able guidance of the chief instructors and Sensei Sai our son has participated and won medals in many local and national tournaments.

We have lost track of the additional hours of dedicated coaching that the instructors provided our son to prepare him for state/national tournaments.

Thank You CKA !!! They are rightly called "The Home of Champions" because they do make future CHAMPIONS at their "Karate Home".

Priya, Sridhar & Rakshan Family, Irving TX

First and foremost about CKA - Instructors (Shihan Sen, Jun-Shihan Pon, Sensei Sai) are really incredible & very friendly, cared with the kids while teaching and my kid is so blessed to get along with such a wonderful instructors.

The attention to the students, classes, programs they have each week, and especially Elite training is perfectly excellent; keeping the kids more interested and excited about learning. Much more than martial arts been taught in CKA - leadership, respect, focus, motivation, discipline, and many other skills that apply to everyday life are taught here which is again takes my son to a right path with positive energy.

Extremely proud of all their students' accomplishments (USA Open and all the tournaments) in the past couple of years and appreciated all the effort & motivation that our SHIHAN has provided to our kids.

Strongly I recommend CKA to anyone looking for a karate school.

Ramana, Irving TX

My son had been going to CKA for about three years. I am happy to say that this is an excellent Martial arts school. This is great place to learn traditional and modern martial arts. Staff is very encouraging, hard working, highly knowledgable and school has friendly environment.

My son got very good exposure to tournaments like US Open, State tournaments etc... I can see good progress in my son's self defensive skills.

I personally like and recommend this karate school.

Venkat, Priya & Vaibhav, Irving TX

No other Karate school can be comparable with CKA. The class environment in the CKA hombu dojo is very helpful for the students to practice Kata and Kumite activities. All teachers are well qualified and dedicated.

They give individual attention to each and every student to improve their martial art skills. Moreover those teachers are world class champions by themselves.Frequent visits of different Senior masters from all over the world to dojo help students to learn different techniques from different people's experiences. The number of medals won by CKA students in tournaments will depict the standard of CKA.

Parents who want their kids to be healthy, brave and self protective won't miss CKA.