CKA combines the best of traditional and modern martial arts offering unique Karate-Do, Iai-JuJitsu, Kobudo and Competition programs for little Samurai(4-5 years), young samurai(6-12 years), Teens and Adults. Our programs are designed for the entire family, Boys, Girls, Men & Women.

Little Samurai

Our Little Samurai program is designed for younger kids 4-5 years old. This class program is only for 30 minutes per class on Monday and Wednesday @ 5:00pm.

Young Samurai (6 - 12 years)

Our young samurai program is an hour class for children 6-12 years old. This program runs from Monday through Friday @ 5:40pm for Beginners/Novice and @ 6:50pm for Intermediate/Advanced levels.

Teen or Adult Samurai

This program is for age 13+ currently runs on Tuesday and Thursday @ 8:00pm for all levels. Beginner/Novice levels will train on a separate training floor and Intermediate/Advanced levels on other floor after common warm-up and stretchings.

CKA Weapons Club

Currently this program offers Iai-Jujitsu, BO (Staff), Nunchaku, Tonfa & SAI weapons training. The members of this program meet 2-3 times a month on Fridays @ 8:00pm. The members of this team participate in all CKA's demonstration and competition.

CKA Elite Athlete Club

This is a competition team program consists of Junior and Senior students who participate in Local, State, National and Inter-National Karate Championships. Members of this team trains on Saturdays @ 12:30pm - 3:00pm.

CKA Black Belt Club

This program is strictly for our Black Belt students. This is a special training class occurs twice a month either on Monday and Wednesday @ 8:00pm. In this class, the black belt students practice advanced level Katas (forms), Bunkai (meaning /application), Ju-Jitsu and Referee/Coach/instructor training.